Terrance A. Ford | Senior Pastor



Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL

Places I've Lived: Deerfield Beach, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Garland, TX

Favorite Movie: Most MCU Movies

Favorite Music Genre: Gospel & Jazz

Favorite Place: On the beach

Guilty Pleasure: McDonald's

Did You Know: Pastor T met Lady Sai 27 years ago in college.  They were in the Florida A&M Gospel Choir where she sang soprano, he played the keyboard, and their love was ignited!  Together they have 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy) and 4 grandchildren.

Did You Know: Pastor T has been preaching since 1991, began pastoring in 1994, and has served Greater Macedonia as Senior Pastor since 1999!  He has a Masters of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is pursuing his Ph.D. at University of Texas Arlington.  He is currently serving as Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer at Southern Bible Institute & College.

Lady Sai

Hometown:  Omaha, NE

Places I've Lived: Omaha, NE; Maitland, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Garland, TX

Favorite Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding

Favorite Music Genre: Gospel, Classical Crossover & Jazz

Favorite Activities: Spending  time with Pastor T, Traveling, Writing, Word Puzzles, Interior Decorating, Shopping

Guilty Pleasure: Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Ice Cream

Did You Know: Lady Sai earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, obtained a Series 7 license, and spent over 10 years employed as a stockbroker before changing careers and moving into insurance.  She has recently started an image consulting & counseling firm, SoSai, LLC, and is pursuing a professional certification in Biblical Counseling.

5 Things to Know About Our Church

We're a Church of LOVE

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE

We're a Church of LOVE


God loves and values you and so does this church!

We're a Church of LIFE

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE

We're a Church of LOVE


We exist to bring more unbelievers into a life with Christ while bringing more of Christ into the life of believers.

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE


Our church is committed to biblical preaching, teaching and living as well as providing quality experiences of worship and fellowship.

We're a Church of SERVICE

We're a Church of COMMITMENT

We're a Church of EXCELLENCE


We desire to connect with you, welcome you, encourage you and strengthen you in the faith.

We're a Church of COMMITMENT

We're a Church of COMMITMENT

We're a Church of COMMITMENT


This church desires to have your presence and participation in our worship service and pray that it will lead to a commitment to this fellowship!

We're a Church Committed to Serving with Excellence in a Life of Love!


How Close Are You to the SON?

Our goal as a church is to help believers and unbelievers move closer and grow stronger in their relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We all have an "orbit" around Him and the closer you get, the stronger you become.  Take a moment to honestly assess where you are in your life in proximity to the Son.

The Community

You're in this orbit if you are within the reach of the church but seldom or never interact with it. To move you closer to a relationship with Christ, we encourage you to come and visit one of our exciting times of gathering where you can learn about God in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

The Crowd

You are a part of the crowd if you occasionally interact or visit the church and have not committed to membership. You know of the SON, but not quite at the point of knowing the SON. To move you closer to Christ we encourage you to regularly attend Worship services creating a pattern of devotion to growing your faith in God. 

[Join us for Worship Services each Sunday at 11 am]

The Congregation

You're in this orbit if you have made a covenant commitment to Christ and membership with the church.  We have phenomenal fellowship groups and various ministries that can help you move even closer to the Son by building relationships with other believers.

[Stay tuned for gatherings of our Men's Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, and Youth]

The Committed

Once you are actively and consistently investing in your own spiritual growth, you have reached this orbit. At this level, you grow deeper in your faith by studying the Word of God at a deeper level. 

[Join us for Christian Discipling (Bible Study) each Sunday morning at 10 am]

The Core

This is the orbit that demonstrates that you are deeply committed to the work of Christ. You are here if you are actively serving the ministry and mission of the church. In essence, you are using your gifts to help others grow stronger in their faith by drawing them closer to the SON of God. 

Grow Closer With Us!